A showcase of final work

The Class of 2020 are artists, researchers, performers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more. One thing they all share is prevailing, tenacious abilities.  During their years at Temple, these students have conquered remarkable feats and produced works that leave us in awe.

Most seniors must complete a capstone course in their area of study. These classes are a  culmination of everything they've learned thus far and serve as an introduction to what working their fields will really be like. This is a collection of the Class of 2020's final work—the projects, papers and presentations that got them to the finish line.

Alec's work
Alec's work with fabric

Alec Strosser
Fibers and Material Studies, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

“My practice largely focuses on gender identity as well as the exploration of animal symbolism in daily life. From dressing up as a character from TV to embodying the energy an animal brings to the human body, I enjoy switching up the roles we play in day-to-day life. Techniques that I use include sewing, dying, tufting, glass casting/blowing and wood work.”
- Alec Strosser

Abigayle Stoetzer
Vocal Performance, Boyer College of Music and Dance

“A senior recital provides an opportunity to display the singer's development and potential as a professional musician. The program must comprise art songs encompassing the standard stylistic periods and must include German, English, French, and Italian. Students submit a text and translation as well. I wanted to have a themed senior recital to honor my Jewish culture.
-Abigayle Stoetzer

Abigayle Stoetzer's head shot.

Richard Park, Matthew Robinson, Colin Kosko, Krissie Dempsey, Thomas Lenartowicz
Advertising, Lew Klein College of Media and Communication

"For our capstone course, Advertising Campaigns, my team and I developed a campaign to help spread awareness of the Mural Arts Program to young adults in the Philadelphia area with hope that they’ll convert to members of the organization. We identified where mural arts could grow and which media vehicles could be used to reach their prospective new members. Then, we presented our findings and strategy to a live panel of eight employees of mural arts."
- Richard Park

Colin Geiring standing under a boom microphone.

Colin Geiring
Advertising, Lew Klein College of Media and Communication

“I created a short film focused on the everyday struggles Temple students go through when studying for finals. Inspired by work from Apple, I wanted to make something that told a story through visuals and music alone, no dialogue. Filmed in less than a week, 3-5 shoots a day, I am happy with the result and believe I was able to accomplish my original intent.
- Colin Geiring

Advertising and Public Relations Senior Showcase

Lew Klein College of Media and Communication


Bonnie Giberson
Secondary Education/English, College of Liberal Arts

“My final project is a research paper that investigates how theater companies and productions are impacted by online reviews and social justice movements or backlash. I differentiate between professional reviewers, or critics, and non-professional reviews on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.”
- Bonnie Giberson

Lisa Jungmin Lee
Printmaking (MFA), Tyler School of Art and Architecture

“My work focuses on ephemeral spaces and what is happening inside them—from encountering to disappearing. I am interested in public squares and arcades where the public can freely move around and lots of unexpected events can occur. I conceive of these spaces as a nexus of random and fleeting meetings, a place where human life comes together in the space between solid forms. I observe this space both as chaotic, full of chance encounters, and also as nothing. My visualizations of these spaces gives me an insight into the people, city, time and life.”
- Lisa Jungmin Lee

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions

Tyler School of Art and Architecture


Rachel Murphy, Maggie Loesch, Kristen Adamcyzk, Klesa Achaibar, Gabriella Gallante, Gabby Manocchio, Miguel Jimenez, Collin Holben, Olivia Molina, Bianca Panunto, and Olivia Lamborn|
Community Development, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

“We have a final course called Workshop, which is the capstone for the major and each year we do a semester-long project with our project partner, APM (Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha)—located right by the Temple regional rail station. Our project this semester was to create a self-guided historic walking tour of the eastern North Philadelphia area along Germantown Avenue, highlighting important historic buildings and sites.”
- Rachel Murphy

Amear Mitchell
Political Science, College of Liberal Arts

"This paper examines the varying political and economic implications for states and their constituents when they choose to expand Medicaid or not under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."
- Amear Mitchell

Amear Mitchell in downtown Philadelphia.

Ian Warner
Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

"Over the course of a year and a half engineering students are tasked with developing a project from scratch. It begins second semester junior year and continues through the final day of classes. It is the focus of almost all of your time senior year and in the end your hard work gets to be shown off at Poster Day. It is a day in which you develop a poster-board of your design and show it off to the rest of the college of engineering as well as many other students in Temple.
- Ian Warner

Engineering student's poster of final work.

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Perseverance Conquers mural near Buery Beach on Main Campus.