In this special issue, Temple celebrates 30 alumni under age 30 who bring uncommon passion to their endeavors.

Whether they are launching socially conscious companies, championing the underserved, entertaining and informing us online and on TV, developing treatments for rare diseases, or making a crucial contribution in a Super Bowl win, these rising achievers are ones to watch.

By clicking the links below, you’ll meet 30 Owls who are designing their own futures and making a better tomorrow for all of us.

Story by: Kyle Bagenstose, KLN ’11, Angelo Fichera, KLN ’13, Kerith Gabriel, Lauren Hertzler, KLN ’13, Emily Kovach and Elisa Ludwig

Photography by: Ryan S. Brandenburg, CLA ’14, Ed Caldwell, Kathy Helgeson, Vasha Hunt, Ambe J. Photography, Joseph V. Labolito, Juliet Lemon, Dot Paul, Lonnie Timmons and Shaoyi Zhang

Additional photos courtesy of: Atlantic Records, Maggie Andresen, KLN ’17, Eli LaBan, KLN ’17, Samuel Nebyu, BYR ’17, ’19, and Brandon McManus, CST ’13

Entrepreneurial Disruptors

International and Environmental Influencers

Artistic Changemakers

Media and Entertainment Visionaries

Community Advocates

Science and Technology Innovators

Sports Industry Standouts